Frequently asked questions

How do you guarantee to better the commission rates I currently receive?

You will provide evidence of the commission you receive and we will simply better it.

What fees are there?

No Training fee.
No Visits fee.
No File Check fee.
No Joining fee.
No ICS Levy.
No Software fee.
No annual regulator fee.

Is there a discount for several members under one umbrella company?

Discounts are given to efficient and low risk professional firms.

Is there a capital adequacy requirement imposed on me?

No. However, your firm needs to be financially sound to adhere to fit and proper rules.

How long does it take to become a member of the network?

Often just 3 weeks. The time delay beyond the first week is only in obtaining references.

Who gets the initial and renewal commission from business written before joining?

It goes to the introducer.

Is there a panel of product providers I have to stick to?

New Providers can always be added if there is a good business case.

Is there support for unusual products?

Yes. Our highly experienced compliance team will help you through more unusual cases.

Does the regulated firm provide technical support and services?

We can provide specialist services if required.

Does the regulated firm provide all the commission tracking conciliation and credit control facilities?

Yes the service is very transparent.

Can I still use my own local reps and contacts with providers?


Is Professional indemnity insurance (PII)cover paid by the member?

The regulated firm maintains PI insurance cover within the EEA and encourages members to maintain their own individual cover.

Is the PI insurance excess charged to the member?

We have a risk based approach where you will be asked to pay an excess (€500) on any upheld claim. Following an upheld complaint, an individual adviser’s excess will be increased to 1,000 euro. If after 3 years, there have been no further upheld complaints, the excess will be returned back to 500 euros.

What level of Profesional Indemnity is provided?

2,000,000 euro annually

Can a member design and use their own stationery?

Yes, subject to a compliance check before use.

Does the regulated firm help with marketing and leads?

SEO experts can assist you with any online marketing.

Do you provide a web site with the members branding?

Web hosting can be provided

Does the regulated firm handle all regulatory requirements of registration and reporting?


Does the regulated firm have special terms with product providers?


How often do I have to attend a member meetings?

Meetings are not compulsory and can now be done virtually.

Can the member do their own local advertising?

Yes, subject to a compliance check.

Does the regulated firm require any specific software or hardware?

Excel, Word, PDF and a printer are mostly essential.

Does the regulated firm provide a locum service?

Locums are not required for members.

What period of notice is required to terminate membership?

3 months during the first 6 months then 1 month there after.

What costs are involved in leaving the regulated firm?

No exit fees are payable

If I leave can I take my clients with me?


subject to contract